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Excellent Professional

Excellent professional, Very involved, in your case as an individual client. Concern in every aspect. Respectable, Reliable, Recommendable. Top Of The Line!!!

- Lilliana M.

Absolute Best

Filing a lawsuit is something I don't think anyone wants to have to do. Sometimes, however, it is necessary. Working with the lawyers at Brizuela Law was life-changing because it eliminated my stress and anxiety. Miguel handled my case with meticulous attention and care. He and his team know every aspect of the law. Their knowledge of the legal system protocol was awe-inspiring and comforting. They explained it to me clearly and handled each step. The legal team was matter of fact, poised, and firm with the other side. In the end, they won my case! I could not have done this without them. This is a firm that cares about clients and will get the job done to the highest standards. They are outstanding - the absolute best in South Florida.

Thank you Brizuela Law, for everything.

- Melissa B.

Professional & Respectful

We cannot thank Miguel A. Brizuela, P.A. enough. They were professional, respectful, approachable, and knowledgeable. We did renovations to two of our properties and had bad work done by both contractors. Mr. Brizuela dealt with the contractors, hired experts to highlight the bad work, and attained favorable settlements for us. We would recommend Mr. Brizuela to anyone.

- Fred J.

Professional Performance

This is Guillermo M. and we are very happy to have hired you in our defense, in this civil lawsuit. Your professional performance was exceptional and without doubt, we will hire you again if we need it.

- Guillermo M.

Very Knowledge and Expertise

My company works as a subcontractor on governmental projects. We have relied on Mr. Brizuela's law firm on several occasions. Mr. Brizuela successfully prosecuted a payment bond claim against a surety to obtain a favorable settlement for us. His knowledge and expertise in the field of construction law is consistently beyond that of opposing attorneys. We definitely trust him.

- Andres J.

Very Knowledgeable

Construction Law is a very complex specialty or field, several topics are involved: construction, real estate, legal. I'm a CGC and I always use Mr. Brizuela when we needed help with our contracts, agreements or dispute in our projects. He is a great professional, very knowledgeable and has excellent costumers services skills. He also speaks Spanish, which helps a lot here in South Florida.

- M. Z.